Technical support for October CMS projects

Corporate and e-commerce websites, CRM systems, ERP systems, LMS systems

Technical support for October CMS projects
Technical support for October CMS projects

Technical support for October CMS projects is a necessity, not a luxury

October CMS is a website management system based on Laravel components.

It allows you to flexibly design and scale projects of any complexity: online stores, marketplaces, CRM-systems, LMS-systems.

But any solution, no matter how well implemented, after time may require cosmetic work. For example:

1. Although October CMS is one of the most advanced and reliable systems - it is important to update to the latest versions in a timely manner. So you are guaranteed to avoid hacking the site and infecting it with viruses.

2. As the business grows, there is a need to scale web solutions, and here you can not do without improving the existing functionality or developing new ones.

3. Constant monitoring of site availability and fixing site performance issues when necessary.

If your site is developed on October CMS, IC Studio is ready to help you in support and development of the project. It is very convenient to have a team of strong specialists to perform such work and be sure that you are always welcome, your project has been delved into and will offer only those works that are of practical value.

Questions and answers

The range of tasks for each individual company is quite wide.
The purpose of technical support is to constantly maintain the operability of the resource, and its improvement.

If you do not postpone support issues "for later", you are able to save significant company resources to prevent possible technical problems that may arise if the product is not supported.

An example of tasks that can be solved by technical support of the site on October CMS:

- updating October CMS modules;
- October CMS core update;
- backend and frontend bugfixes;
- work on the implementation of new functionality;
- control over the performance of hosting and domain;
- CMS configuration;
- setting up and refining modules and plugins to improve their work;
- content management, etc;
- work on updating the design;
- checking the quality and security of the code to ensure a high level of resource performance.

Without a doubt, yes.

October CMS is one of the most popular CMS for Laravel, and countless projects have been implemented on it, from simple online stores, to complex ERP systems.

At the start of work with a project where we are not the developer, we take time to study the technical documentation and code in order to define the standards of work with the project from our side in the future.

And as we structure the information for the work of our team, we offer you tasks to optimize and improve the performance of the resource, and we will be happy to fulfill all your wishes for updates or improvements.

We used to believe that the availability of technical documentation on a complex project is a rule of good form. But it also happens that the customer really does not have it at the time when he contacts us.

In this case, we prepare technical documentation for the project on our own.

This step is a good investment in the future of the project, which will save the team and you a significant amount of time, and will significantly affect the quality of future work.

All projects need October CMS technical support.

From the moment your business has grown to transitioning to custom software development (adult technology for adult businesses), you need to be prepared for the fact that you'll need to maintain it.

In addition, the business has to respond to the external environment, and there are constantly requests for polishing touches: here to do the work that the seo specialist or contextual advertising specialist sent, here to refresh the design a little, to tutor a plugin or module, here to update the core, because October CMS has released updates that are even cooler in terms of performance and security.

In addition, everyone will agree that it is very convenient and practical to have a reliable team of programmers at hand to support your project while you are engaged in business development.

And if this team also knows SEO, and all your wishes will pass through the prism of perception "and how it will help to promote the site in Google" - this is the perfect combo 2 in 1.

Technical support is a stage when the main pool of functionality has already been implemented, and minor modifications of the project are required, as well as control over security issues, etc.

As experienced developers, we can honestly tell you that your project development costs will be lower if it is monitored.

An experienced programmer, immersed in the goals and objectives of the project, will always control which modules and plugins need to be updated to make the system work even better, always check the quality of the code, and the need to update it based on updates in development standards.

And your project will "fly" like a rocket inside, and look like a new coin outside.

Very often we hear from our clients that they did not even think that the system could work better than it does until we perform regular updates and tell them how we optimized the software.

We give a guarantee for all work - from 2 weeks to 1 month, from the date of implementation. It depends on type of features, which were implemented. If during this period, due to some changes, you need to fix something - we will fix it for free.

If the initiator of the task is the Customer:

1. You set the task and we clarify the details, or write the TOR if necessary.
2. We evaluate the task and agree on the assessment before performing the work.
3. We perform the task and generate a report.

If we initiate the task, that is, we recommend it for implementation in the reporting period:

1. We offer you what we want to update and argue the value of performing these works.
2. We agree on how long it will take and put it into work.
3. We report on the actual work performed on the technical support of the project on Laravel.

As a rule, in serious projects there are no situations when there are no tasks at all.

Because complex systems not only need support and code quality control, but also always monitor the issues of future growth.

If we have updated everything we could, and there are no tasks for the backend specialist, front-end developer, or designer (at this point I want to ask if our project is still alive?),

then we will be happy to monitor the ways to optimize the existing software and offer them for implementation.

We always know how to make good software even better, taking into account the interests of the project, including its monetization, so rest assured that you will not be bored with a team that loves not only coding, but also marketing, management and sales.


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Our task is to identify business needs, systematize requirements. We will carefully consider all your ideas and wishes.

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Agreed ideas and tasks take shape and form in the form of technical specifications and prototypes.

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Why do companies choose Laravel for website, marketplace, ERP/CRM system development?

Laravel is a really powerful PHP framework that promises fast development thanks to its many inherent features. Using Laravel gives developers the flexibility to write code and take care of dynamic development requirements, from small websites to full-scale enterprise applications.

At IC Studio we implement projects of different level on Laravel: from corporate websites and internet-shops to the creation of ERP systems on Laravel framework.

Key advantages of Laravel development:

1. resource security.

2. High level of performance of systems written in Laravel 9 and higher.

3. Flexible development. Laravel is type-neutral. We have no restrictions in terms of what functionality we can create.

On a framework, especially Laravel, it is possible to implement everything you need to make any business productive.

4. Easy and affordable project maintenance. Regardless of the complexity of the project, you can find a good Laravel programmer anywhere in the world, with an entry point for a development hour cost of $25-30 dollars, which is inexpensive enough to create software of this level.

5. Simplified email integration and the ability to create mail servers. Laravel supports sending email and messages through multiple channels and offers drivers for various local and cloud-based email services such as SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, PHP mail function and others.

6. Laravel is very good at creating URL redirects, which provides improved user experience and interactivity.

7. One of the favorite features of developers, and customers as consumers of the product, in Laravel is the smart scheduling of scheduled tasks.

Laravel team scheduler allows you to implement a variety of automated scenarios and checks, which significantly optimize business processes and relieve the team of unnecessary work.

8. Quality functionality of Laravel multilingualism implementation. Your project can be translated into many languages very quickly and easily.

Laravel also allows you to multilingualize URLs for your website, which in turn is good for SEO promotion in different regions.

9. Caching for better performance. High speed of loading and using your site or application.

Error and exception management in Laravel and it has a handy built-in error and exception handling module provides higher customer satisfaction through a user-friendly and informative interface.

10. Automated testing provides fast testing and ensures there are no gaps in testing of core features.

What you get by ordering technical support for your online store, marketplace, or website on Laravel:

1. Uninterrupted operation of the site (online store, marketplace, corporate site).

2. Operational correction of errors or refinement of the project, if necessary.

Updating of modules and plugins.

4. Updating the Laravel core.

5. Help with tasks related to design or layout.

6. Help with content management.

7. Monitoring of resource security and preventive measures to reduce the vulnerability of the site to attacks.

What you get by ordering technical support for your online store, marketplace or website on Laravel:

1. Uninterrupted operation of the site (online store, marketplace, corporate site).

2. Operational correction of errors or refinement of the project, if necessary.

Updating of modules and plugins.

4. Updating the Laravel core.

5. Help with tasks related to design or layout.

6. Help with content management.

7. Monitoring of resource security and preventive measures to reduce the vulnerability of the site to attacks.

What you get by ordering technical support for CRM system and ERP system on Laravel:

1. Monitoring the security of the resource and the elimination of vulnerabilities.
2. module updates, module refinements, code updates to optimize it.
3. Updating the design and layout of individual elements that affect the productivity and usability of the system.
4. Recommendations for improving and developing the system to optimize the company's business processes.

Why IC Studio is the right team for you to work with and provide technical support for your Laravel project:

1. The goal of our work is always to create a product that will help to solve specific business tasks: 

- optimize business processes;
- increase sales;
- reduce the influence of human factor on the result;
- Increase the efficiency of the team.

That is why before doing something we ask the question "what is your goal", and offer the best way to solve the problem, taking into account the interests of your business, both here and now, and in the long term.

2. Our focus is Laravel development. 
We don't spray our attention with multiple technologies, honing our craftsmanship to the level of Jedi Technique.
We can and know how to create simple and complex systems on it, adapted to the future growth of business, as well as having graceful code for the developer to work with, a pleasant interface for the customer team to administer, and a user-friendly interface for the end user.

3. We are also fans of marketing and sales.

Working with our team, you will always get more value than you expect. Because we believe that you need to look at the development of business online comprehensively,
and we go deep enough into your processes to help you create the most competitive product to help your company grow and make money.

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