Internal website optimization and SEO-promotion of an online education project


Online education








Key areas of training for psychologists:          

1.Metaphorical cards
2. Art therapy
3. Family counseling
4.Eating disorders    

Our client's key pain: 

Total dependence on paid advertising traffic and low company presence in Google and Yandex results.


The origins of the problem:

- Lack of a clear strategy for working with different CA portraits.
- The low level of optimization of the site from a technical and user point of view.


- In-depth analysis of the company's sales funnel in order to assess the behavioral factors of CA and sales dynamics.
- Analysis of competitors to determine the optimal strategy for promotion in Yandex and Google.
- Implementation of a full-fledged internal optimization.
- External optimization of the site and work with analytics to make quality decisions about the strategy of further steps.

The phase of internal optimization of the site:


1. As a result of a detailed SEO-audit, identified critical technical errors and wrote the terms of reference for the programmer to implement the necessary measures to optimize the site

2. With an in-depth audit of competitors and their promotion strategies, we chose the priority areas of site optimization and formed a complete semantic core for future work.                

As a result of the usability audit formed a number of proposals to improve the user experience.

3. Formed a reference strategy.

4. Formed TOR for the work of a copywriter and content manager.

  • The site began to rank better in search engines, resulting in 18% more impressions and 30% more clicks from organic search;
  • Received a decrease in bounce rate of 1.3%;
  • The engagement of users who come to the site from organic search increased by 30% (the average duration of a session).

Phase of work on external SEO-optimization.


1. Manual elaboration of meta tags for all the landing pages promoted in search;

2. Merging of the online store with the corporate site;

3. Registration of the company in new regions and work with maps;

4. Implementation of link strategy: selection of relevant donors and work with blogs;

5. Work strategy to increase the % of unique content on the site;

6. Works to accelerate the indexing of added landing pages;

7. Monitoring of the positions and visibility of the site.

The result after 5 months of SEO:

After just 5 months of work on SEO-optimization the following progress has been obtained:

  • +40% to the number of impressions of the site in search results
  • Growth of CTR in search results by +5.2%
  • +53% in visits to the website from search results

In 5 months of SEO-promotion achieved the following results:

  • +42% growth of new users to the site
  • Increase in indicators of user engagement on the site (bounce rate, pages / session, the average duration of sessions, the number of sessions)
  • Increase of number of users from organic search results by 63%.

Positions in search results after 5 months of SEO promotion

Client feedback

Technologies used

Google Analytics
Google Data Studio
Google Search Console
Google Website Optimizer

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