Custom software development

Custom software development to solve business challenges. CRM for customer relationship management, ERP systems for enterprise resource planning, billing for working with payments.

Custom software development
Custom software development
Which companies need custom software development?

Businesses with complex and universal logic and businesses that scale rapidly

Individual or custom software development is needed to automate the processes of your business.

As a result of custom software development, you can get an IT solution that is aimed at solving the problems of your business.
Creation of custom software and IT infrastructure will help simplify company management at all levels and optimize business processes.
It will also improve the user experience and bring the communication processes with customers to a new quality level.
Custom software development is a completely new horizon for your business development.

Why choose us?

Benefits of working with us

Yes, we are different

4+ years developing custom software for specific industries

We work with such industries as: communication and telecommunications, transport services, health and recreation, chain retail.

We have experience in developing complex custom software from scratch

We have experience in developing CRM and ERP systems, billing systems, complex integrations and automation. And we understand well which solutions help business to grow

We guarantee that the developed software will solve the problems of your business

We study business processes and develop technical specifications before proceeding to product design. Therefore, you will understand in advance what product you will get at the output.

We develop a convenient product for both the owner and end users

We believe that the quality of the product is measured by the simplicity of its operation for all groups of end users.

We develop software solutions that will satisfy your needs for years to come

We design the product architecture taking into account short-, medium- and long-term business goals.

We provide after-sales support and train the team to work with the software

Upon completion of the development stage, we allocate time for thorough training of the team, as well as technical support on technical issues.

Questions and answers

1. If your business has specific business processes that are not reproduced in any way in available ready-made solutions.

2. If you find it difficult to choose the best software from the options available on the market. Because in one case there are not enough functions, and you need to do a lot of work, and in the other - too many, and you will not use most of the functions.

3. If you know exactly what you need and what you do not need to optimize the company's processes and accelerate the speed of business growth.

4. In cases when you need a large number of integrations to improve the company's work and simplify interaction both in the internal environment and in the external one.

We are experienced IT builders who look years ahead and create the foundation for scaling the business in the future, even while developing MVP.

Working with us, you will be able to

- easily develop and refine the product;
- you will have good technical support;
- will have high quality code and technical stability of the developed software;
- you will have the rights to the developed software.

The cost of developing a CRM system from scratch is directly related to the complexity of the future infrastructure and the scale of the project. As a rule, it takes about 1-2 months for the audit stage, writing the TOR and agreeing on the project structure. And after agreeing on the project architecture, it takes 2-3 months to implement the functionality.

To find out the approximate budget for CRM development for your business, leave a request on our website to get advice from a specialized specialist.

The cost of developing an ERP system for your business is related to the complexity of the future system and the scale of the project. As a rule, it can take about 1-2 months to study the project, formulate goals and write technical specifications for the implementation of future functionality.

And the final assessment of the timing and cost of ERP development is carried out according to the agreed TOR, and on average takes about 4-6 months of team work, and higher, depending on the scale of the project.

Leave a request on our website to get expert advice and an approximate estimate of software development, and we will be happy to help you.

The cost and timing of LMS system development is directly related to the complexity of the future system and the scale of the project.

Depending on the scope of future work, it may take from 3-4 months to develop and implement an LMS system in your company.

The advantage of developing your own knowledge management system is that there are no restrictions on the number of users and no subscription fees for using the system.

In addition, for an LMS system that is developed from scratch, you can agree on exactly the functionality you need and not make the functionality that you do not plan to use.

Leave a request on our website to get expert advice and an approximate estimate of software development, and we will be happy to help you.


Projects and cases

Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

What our clients say about us

Client's feedbacks

Boasting is not good, but very nice. Especially for a job well done.

It's never too late to change your business for the better

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From acquaintance and delivery of the project to post-warranty service

How we work?

What are our next steps

Business analysis and drawing up a software development plan

Analysis of the current situation and business processes of the company. Analysis of the company's current IT infrastructure. Analysis of competitors.

Developing terms of reference (TOR)

A detailed description of the architecture of the project, the structure and functionality of the future product, a detailed description of future integrations, etc. The result of TOR development phase is a 100% understanding of what kind of product we wi

Prototypes and architecture development

We create prototypes of landing pages, visualize user path from A to Z. During the prototyping phase we think through all possible scenarios and visualize the product architecture.

Design development according to agreed prototypes

The designer develops adaptive layouts with UI/UX trends in mind. The finished product will be convenient for both the owner and the team.

Software development

Front-end and back-end development. Drawing up technical documentation for further work with the project in the future.

Software product testing

Testing of the correctness of the functionality and active elements. Working out successful and error scenarios of functionality to eliminate possible errors.

Training your team to work with the new software

Recording video tutorials, which will remain in your knowledge base, as well as online training for your team.

Launch of the new software

Launch of the new software and product support On call for any questions within our TOR for 1 month after the launch.

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