October CMS core update

Protect and secure of your online product

October CMS core update
October CMS core update

Timely update of October CMS Core

Why update October CMS?

1. Outdated software versions do not allow you to take advantage of all the functionality available in the system.
2. Security risk. First of all, the vulnerability of a resource with an outdated version may lead to a leak of user data. Worse, you may have to bear legal responsibility for this leak in accordance with the laws in force in your country.
3. In addition to the kernel itself, the site management libraries also become obsolete. Innovations in PHP and general website trends are taken into account in every new version and source code update of the October CMS.
4. Regular CMS updates are essential to the security of your product.
Just as you install an OS update on your smartphone every 3-6 months, and along with the updates, you get access to new features, a more advanced interface, and enhanced security, so in the case of updating your software's CMS, you get similar benefits.

Why choose us?

Benefits of working with us

Yes, we are different

IC Studio is the official partner of October CMS

We are interested in efficient use of the company's development budget, because this is how we can build long-term relationships and work with you for years. Our goal is to become the best outsourcing development team you have ever worked with.

Quality is a priority for us

The solutions that we offer you and that we take at the level of development of our company are aimed primarily at qualitative growth, and as a result - at quantitative growth. As experienced IT builders, we go deeper into the study of your business processes to offer optimal solutions taking into account the short and long-term prospects and goals of the company.

Laravel development is our element and focus #1

Quality is a priority for us. For 10 years of work in the field of development, digital marketing and sales, we know well what brings real value, and willingly give valuable recommendations to all clients we work with. The result that we provide with our work is the key to long-term cooperation.

Transparent budget and competitive prices

We write on canonical Laravel. All good developers who know the principles of Laravel can work with our code. Our projects are easily scalable, because we work according to the TOR, and take into account the areas of future project growth at the stage of architecture formation.

We do what is important and helps business to earn

We have implemented 20+ projects on October CMS in recent years, including the development of several ERP systems, a taxi fleet management admin panel, as well as a number of corporate websites and online stores. We know almost everything about October CMS and polish our skills from project to project.

We sell painkillers, not vitamins

We work according to the time&materials scheme, and report on the results of each sprint in the format: presentation of results + plan for the next sprint. We have competitive prices for development in Ukraine and abroad, while maintaining high quality of services and high quality and viability of the final product.

Questions and answers

The main risk is security. Having data from an outdated version of October CMS, attackers use exloid (vulnerability exploiter), which is publicly available and is able to gain unauthorized access to the server, access to the database (products, orders, user personal data), as well as access to the file structure of the project, with subsequent execution any malicious actions (sending spam on behalf of the store, connecting fake payment systems). Such problems can cause reputational and financial losses for the company.

The timing and cost directly depends on the size of the site and the current version of October CMS. Let's contact us to tell about your project and we'll estimate this task.

It is correct to use the version for which official technical support is available and there are no critical vulnerabilities in public access. As soon as the current version is no longer supported by the official agency, it should be updated. It is also important not to allow a gap of more than 1-2 versions (between the installed on the site and the new kernel versions). This will help ease the upgrade and save the budget and time for upgrades.

October takes full advantage of the capabilities of the underlying Laravel framework, and all of these capabilities are available to the developer.

October kernel updates are as secure as possible and won't break your sites.

As of January 2020, October has the second highest number of stars on GitHub, among repositories for CMSs written in the PHP programming language.

October CMS is one of the fastest growing CMSs on the framework, with an active community through which CMS creators improve the system with enviable frequency.

October CMS is one of the most popular CMS based on Laravel.
Like any software, CMS is developed and updated at least once a year. Even your phone is regularly released updates, bug fixes and functionality refinements. And all updates need to keep track of and install the current version.
The current October version is October CMS 3.1. We consider this update as very successful both in terms of functionality and UI/UX, and confidently recommend upgrading products of earlier versions to the current one.

- October CMS is neutral to the type of project. This CMS is written on Laravel framework and is well suited for developing both complex websites and CRM systems, ERP systems, and systems with a lot of integrations, and a lot of automation scenarios.

- October is elegantly written and is user-friendly for both the developer and the end user.

- Using October CMS in software development significantly reduces the load on the development team because it has a good "building blocks" package

- October is one of the most progressive CMS in 2022, and has wide support in 36 countries;

- October CMS has excellent documentation and is built on Laravel, one of the best existing PHP frameworks.

The longer you don't perform a CMS core update, the more technical debt you accumulate, and the longer and more expensive this task will cost the company in the future.

We recommend performing an October CMS core update every time the October developers release an update. Or at least at least once a year, with the release of a new update grade.

The current version of October CMS as of the end of 2022 is October CMS 3.1.

We consider this update as very successful both from technical point of view and from UI/UX point of view, that's why we strongly recommend you to update October CMS 1 and October CMS 2 to the third version, without putting off this task for a long time.

IC Studio team is an official partner of October CMS, so you can safely entrust the October CMS core update to our developers.


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