Site migration from WordPress to OctoberCMS

Site migration from WordPress to OctoberCMS
Site migration from WordPress to OctoberCMS

A new look at your site's functionality

We do not deny that WordPress remains the most popular CMS for website development. Many people choose it because of the large number of choices of contractors and the "conditionally" cheap entry threshold.

But let's see, is it as reliable as it is popular?

  • WP's main problem is vulnerabilities in its source code. Because of its popularity, its security suffers. You can never be sure that your site won't crash tomorrow.
  • Low performance. Because of the large number of extraneous plugins, site performance suffers. As soon as the site receives traffic over 100 people, its performance will be at a low level, from which the satisfaction of users and as a consequence of business suffers.
  • There is no official technical support for CMS. In solving any problems you have to rely only on the professionalism of the developer of the site, which is not always justified.

If these disadvantages of WordPress do not suit you, then there is only one way out: to move to a more reliable system.

Why choose us?

Benefits of working with us

Yes, we are different

Confidence that the finished product will meet your expectations

TOR writing stage is one of the key success factors of future development. 100% of our customers noted that the TOR stage was useful even for them and gave them the opportunity to look at the future system from the outside, assessing the viability of the structure and its compliance with the current business processes and objectives of the company.

Transparent budget and competitive pricing

We plan the workload for the team and work on a system of sprints. As a result of each completed sprint we demo progress and provide an itemized report on the team's workload manhours. You see what you're paying for and what results are produced by the team working on your project over short, medium, and long distances.

A solution for years to come

Detailed analysis of your needs and the needs of your business starts with the presale, and continues throughout the entire phase of development of the TOR. We study your business processes and specifics of work, we study your competitors, we study portraits of your target audience. Each of our proposed solutions is always reasonable, and will be scalable in the future

Functionality and adaptivity

We use modern frameworks and CMS to make the work with the product convenient. The designer will make sure that your site not only displays correctly on different devices, and is attractive from the UI point of view, but also was convenient in terms of UX.

Security and smooth operation of the project

We at IC Studio use the most reliable services to ensure your site runs smoothly. With regular updates, Laravel is one of the most secure PHP solutions available today.

Questions and answers

The main advantage of October CMS is in scaling projects of any complexity. Thanks to the structured database and interconnectivity with the Laravel framework, you can scale any project at any time. You don't need to come up with crutches or search for the right plugin for a long time. Any integration or needed functionality is implemented quickly and easily.

The sequence of actions looks something like this:

  • the backend is deployed on the October CMS and the site architecture is created;
  • transfer of functionality and content from the current site;
  • testing the site and moving it to production;
  • support of the working site.

Each project is unique and evaluated separately. Cost and term depends on many factors: the structure of the current site, the number of pages and integrations with external services, the ability to scale functions.

We approach the estimation of each project individually, looking at the plan of development and scaling.

To get a preliminary assessment you can fill out a feedback form with a link to the current site and get a free consultation.

Of course. We'll make sure we back up the original data, and when choosing a platform to move to, we'll make sure we have everything in place to avoid the risks of losing the data we've accumulated.


Projects and cases

Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

What our clients say about us

Client's feedbacks

Boasting is not good, but very nice. Especially for a job well done.

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From acquaintance and delivery of the project to post-warranty service

How we work?

What are our next steps

Diagnostics and development of the Terms of Reference (TOR)

We describe in detail the architecture of the project, the structure and functionality of the future product, etc. The result of the TOR development stage is a 100% understanding of what kind of product we will get in the future.


We create prototypes of landing pages, visualize the user's way from A to Z. A well-designed website interface always positively affects the website conversion rate and helps in lead generation.

Designing from prototypes

Based on the agreed prototypes, the project is taken to the design development stage. The designer develops adaptive layouts taking into account UI/UX trends.

Functional development

The stage of direct development of the functional part of the site. Creating the admin panel, setting up entities, creating entity links, setting up external integrations. Implementation of frontend to backend connection.

Content management

Filling the site with content: text, images, video. We parallel this stage with the development stage in order to gain time. Content management can be carried out both on our side and on the side of the Customer's team.


We test the correctness of the functionality, modules and active elements. We test successful and incorrect scenarios of functionality work in order to eliminate possible errors. Preparing the site for release in production.

Internal optimization (SEO)

For clients who are interested in promoting themselves to the top of Google, we carry out internal optimization of the site, based on a preliminary analysis of competitors and coordination of SEO promotion goals.

Launch of your new site

Upon completion of the key stages of development, filling and testing the functionality, the site is published in the production version and begins its work. From that moment you can continue its development: fill it with new content, continue SEO, etc.

We were entrusted with their projects

Learn more about the service

The search query "website development turnkey" is one of the most popular among customers. In this case, its meaning can be interpreted differently, and there are different opinions about what is still included in the development of the site, and that goes beyond such a development.

Let's look at what the developers have in mind when they say they are ready to develop a turnkey site.
What is included in the development of the site, turnkey that is not included. What are the advantagesa creation of a turnkey site, and whether there are any restrictions and frameworks for the project.

The term "turnkey site" has its origins in the construction industry, where the contractor commits to hand over an object, completely ready for operation.
In the context of software development it is in this part of the wording can be variations, because depending on the type of project and wishes of the customer, ready for operation of the site we can consider:

Var.1. Ready site, in which works all the functional on TK, tested the workability of the functional and the correctness of the layout.
But it needs to be filled with content from the customer.

Var.2. Ready site with implemented tasks to TK, filled with content by the Contractor's team.
Not requiring any additional action by the customer to run the project in full operation.

Var.3. A finished product in terms of not only the development of functional and filling content, but also with the additionally implemented work on the internal optimization of the site for the search promotion in Google.

As you've probably realized, "turnkey" can perform a different amount of tasks, depending on the customer's desire to delegate or leave individual development steps under its responsibility. Just as in the analogy with the construction work, we can build a house without internal finishing works, or with internal finishing (content filling), and also we can with the same contractor implement turnkey repair, or implement it separately (internal website optimization, additional integrations, etc.).
In any case, the key objective of the development of a turnkey site - is to minimize the amount of time and resources that will need to be involved from the Customer's team at the stage of the site.

For our part, the minimum level of turnkey website development, we believe the level where the readiness of the product is equal to: fully developed functionality on the terms of reference, implemented layout, tested the correctness of all functionality in terms of successful and unsuccessful scenarios, completed integration with external services (if such were on the project), and transferred to the server and domain of the customer's new site, ready for further content filling *.

* Here we want to add that we consider it more productive to fill the site with content still in the process of development, to optimize the time and reduce the speed of launching a new site. Therefore at a stage when the backend architecture is created, allowing filling the site with texts and graphic information, we invite the customer's team or fill the site by our content manager yet "before" work on site development will be completed.

Advantages of developing a turnkey website:

1. We find answers to all your questions even "at the entrance".
In-depth audit of the project at the beginning of development and creation of necessary logistics for future work by our team often helps to structure the thoughts of our clients and find answers to the questions, which no one could answer before.

2. The system approach and in-depth study of the terms of reference.
System approach to work, starting from writing terms of reference, includes analysis of business processes and search of optimal solutions of tasks, taking into account the prospects of project growth.

3. Tremendous savings in time and resources of the customer. 
In the development of turnkey website the most valuable is to minimize the participation of the Client's team in the stages of development and content.
Such projects require us to give a lot of attention to our team at the start of the work and writing the TOR, and as we move into the active phase of project development, the load on the Customer is reduced to a minimum: to approve the layouts, see how we have implemented the functionality and to confirm that this is exactly as he imagined, etc.
Plus, the opportunity for the client not to think about who will be engaged in writing sales and informational texts, and not to waste his team's time on filling the site with these texts and the relevant graphics.

4. Quality of work and warranty support.
Our principle of work in all areas - it is work on the agreed terms of reference.

- We develop the site - we write TOR for the development and think through the logic of each business process from A to Z;
- Integration with external systems (payment systems, CRM / ERP - we write TOR for integration, and think through what will happen as a result of successful and not very successful scenarios of interaction with the user, taking into account the interests of the company;
- take on writing texts - we write TOR for copywriting, to write tons of letters, which everyone will like;
- decided to do internal optimization for the future of the site search engine promotion - approved TOR, under what objectives will optimize and implement a strategy that will have a clear point A,B,C,D,E, and will be understandable to you, as well as to us.

Since for each of the areas of responsibility that we undertake, we check the result with the original TOR, and the original TOR we form with the Customer, based on the goals - this allows us to always meet expectations and implement the product of the quality level we have agreed, and often even better, because we like to exceed expectations.

5. Speed of launch of the completed project.

Start-up rate from the first questions on TOR to the realized project in the turnkey website development, according to statistics, 1.5-2 times faster than for those projects where questions on content management and SEO are made a separate item, and implemented independently or by additional outside contractors.
The explanation is as simple as possible: the greater the number of external links / teams involved, the more time will be spent coordinating individual tasks, their approval and synchronization of processes.

When it is advantageous to order the development of a turnkey website:

1. Turnkey website development will be your salvation if you have limited development time.

2. It is suitable for the projects, where the client's team is overloaded by the operation, and can not provide a proper level of involvement of the team to control the intermediate stages of development, to help with the filling of the content, etc.

3. Turnkey development - a solution for mature business, which actively scales, and wants to update the Web products of the company quickly, efficiently and with a high level of quality of work, while entrusting the work to professionals who will prompt what and how best to implement to achieve the goals set for the company.

As we said earlier, the development of a turnkey website, may contain a different combination of works, depending on the type of project.

The key stages of turnkey website development for most projects are similar:

- Study of the project and the goals of the project;
- Study of competitors (general, or including SEO-audit of competitors' sites, if necessary to implement the internal optimization of the site at the development stage);
- usability audit of the existing site (optional);
- Creation of terms of reference for the development of the site (including or not including the TOR for the basic internal optimization of the site under SEO)
- Creation of prototypes of the future site (desktop and adaptive) and their approval by the customer;
- approval of terms of reference;
- Development of the backend (the development of the future site functionality);
- design development (desktop and adaptive design) and approval of the design with the customer;
- adaptive layout;
- content management (by our content manager or by the customer, as agreed upon);
- Setting up external integrations (CRM/ERP, mail servers and bots, payment systems PayPal/ApplePay/GooglePay, etc., courier delivery services, SMS-services, etc.);
- Performance testing and bugofixing of the identified shortcomings;
- Transferring the site to the customer's server and training the customer's team to work with the content (training + recording video tutorials);
- Warranty support under the contract (from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the type of project and agreed conditions), during which we monitor the performance of the project under the approved TOR.

Which of the above is an option that can be both included and not included in the development of a turnkey website, at the request of the customer:

1. Usability - audit of the existing site.
Developing a new site we use the knowledge and experience in the design of the future structure and take into account all current trends in UI / UX.
If you want to implement a basic or advanced usability audit of the existing website to confirm or refute any hypotheses, this will be an additional option and discussed separately.

2. SEO-audit and the implementation of work on the internal optimization of the site at the development stage.
It is recommended, but optional. In our experience, projects which have been internally optimized during the development phase, win from 3 to 5 months promoting their sites in Google in the future.
And save up to 30% of the development budget, taking into account the wishes of the SEO-specialist on the structure of the future site at the design stage.

3. Content creation and filling.
Here we can talk about writing and placing sales and informational texts on the site, as well as writing SEO-texts for the future promotion of the site.
This part of the work can be optionally done by your team on our recommendations, as well as ours, according to the agreed terms of reference.

4. Domain name purchase or renewal.
5. Purchase or renewal of the hosting.
6. Works on adjustment of a server environment.
7. License purchase.

Features of the creation of e-commerce projects (online store and marketplace) turnkey.

The development of e-commerce projects has several nuances that must be kept in mind, because the quality of the future project depends on it:

1. At the stage of writing and developing the ToR you need to visualize the tree of categories and pages in the form of a mindmap or hierarchical list.
This stage is extremely important for the future development of the site, because it is the basis for thinking through the connections between elements and entities of the future project.

2. It is important to build relationships between all the elements and entities of the project architecture "before" submitting the TOR for development work. This will allow you to see areas of process optimization and build a foundation for the product that will scale in the future.

3. Paying attention to the shopping cart.
Think through the logic of cross-sell and up-sell. Consider scenarios of successful and unsuccessful order completion.
Develop "abandoned cart" functionality, etc.

4. Pay attention to the order placement process.
Optimize user path so as to minimize losses during checkout, and at the same time, gather all the necessary information for the company, with which it can further analyze sales and make decisions, based on available data.

5. Think through the structure of filters in the catalog for all categories simultaneously and for each product category separately.
We recommend that the logic of the filters be based on the customer's journey through the sales funnel and decision-making.

6. Pay sufficient attention to describing the integration of the site with a CRM-system or ERP-system.

7. Carefully describe the integration with payment systems.

8. Disassemble the future work of integration with API of courier delivery services.

9. Describe in full the logic of implementing the integration with e-mail servers and SMS servers.

10. Drawing attention to the detailed description of the functionality of a customer's personal account.

11. For the marketplace, carefully describe the capabilities of the seller's personal account, as well as its capabilities in terms of parsing the catalog, managing leftovers, sales management, etc.

12. Also at the stage of creating ToR you need to stipulate the list of possible tasks according to the schedule. For example, you need to block some functionality on the site during holidays, in order to even out the load on the system, or perform any cyclic actions on warehouse and price lists management. Any routine task that has a clear logic can be automated 

Depending on the type and complexity of the project, the list of these theses can be expanded.

What else is important to consider when ordering a turnkey website development:

Depending on the type of project, you may find different solutions for the project. For simple sites, on the type of banding or business cards - can go and a simple site on the builder, or wordpress.
For more complicated sites (corporate websites, online stores, individual projects, marketplace) - we recommend developing a website on a framework.

The plusses of developing sites on the framework:

- The ability to create and implement all the ideas and refinements without limitation
- Allows you to add unique functionality during development.
- Framework allows you to increase the functionality and scale any project with minimal risk
- Loading and optimization speed of such sites is much faster than developed on CMS
- It is possible to completely eliminate unused functionality
- The development of sites on the framework:
- Development may require a little more time than the development of analogues on boxed CMS. This is due to the fact that the technology involves the creation of client and administrative parts of the site from scratch.
- Site development on the framework is much more complicated, because it is necessary to involve highly qualified programmers. However, these sites are several heads above their predecessors, because it is worth it.

Why order the development of a turnkey website on the framework in IC Studio:

1. 5+ years in development, and 10 years in marketing and sales.
We do what we know how to do, and what brings value and money to the business.

2. We do what we love and love what we do.
Our eyes burn from designing, launching, and developing projects online.
We strive to do our part of work in such a way, that we can influence three key tasks of any business: sales growth, optimization of business processes, sustainability of the project's work.

3. The competence of the team.
We solve your problems quickly and smoothly, without unnecessary fuss.

4. Transparent budget and competitive prices.
We work according to Time Materials, and agree on a preliminary estimate of time and cost of development before the start.

5. Functionality, adaptability and scalability.
Some of the few characteristics that our clients mention when asked to describe "what our product is about".

6. Security and uptime.

Where you can order turnkey website development in IC Studio.

We work with clients from Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk).
We work with companies from Kazakhstan: Astana (Nur-Sultan), Almaty.
We also work with clients from Europe: Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga), Italy (Island of Sicily), Germany (Aurich, Zurich).

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