Development of admin panel for cab service in Laravel 9. Order administration, customer database management, financial accounting, taxi fleet management.








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Client: vip cab service.

Task: you need to create an administrative panel for the operator of the service, with the delimitation of access rights to the system.

Functionality of the cab service administrator panel:

1. The dashboard of the service administrator and the cab operator allows you to see up-to-date information about:

- number of cars on the map;
- number of orders;
- sales volume (total for the period, and by operator shifts);
- map of served cities and cars on the map.

2. Work with clients:

2.1 Administration of orders (trips):
- administration of client orders: creation of an order, editing of information about the trip (including downtime, etc.);
- information about the history of customer's journeys;
- additional information about the client, which is important for correct execution of the order and providing a high level of service;
- possibility to apply manual cost to the order (not by the formula of basic programmed fares).

2.2 Customer groups: 

Implementing the ability to add different customer groups and automating the application of service fare discounts for regular customers.

2.3 Clients' internal balance.

Possibility to have an internal balance (deposit) in the service and use these deposit funds to pay for future trips.

2.4 Blacklist:

The ability to block a specific driver for a customer and vice versa.
When you create an order in the created pair of blacklist, the driver will not take part in the distribution of the order from this client.

3. Possibility to create preliminary trips.

Pre-orders are displayed in a separate tab and begin to be processed 120 minutes before the time of car delivery.
Can be distributed by a dispatcher in a manual mode.

4. Map integration (Google Maps API)

- Address prompts when a cab operator enters the address within the selected region (city);
- automatic calculation of the trip cost according to the chosen tariff, taking into account geography of the trip, and also change of tariffs for city, suburb and inter-city trips.

5. Drivers' administration:

- creation of a driver card;
- statuses for driver's work (approved, under consideration, blocked);
- connection of the driver's card with the city in which he is working;
- connection of the driver's card with the class and the corresponding tariff plans;
- black list of customers in orders with whom he does not participate;
- Driver's internal balance.

6. Transaction history:

A registry of all completed transactions (cash and non-cash, payment from customer, service commission, driver earnings, driver payments, fines, etc.).


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