Website development based October CMS

High-performance sites with a high level of customization of business processes that will facilitate the user experience and optimize the work of your team

Website development based October CMS
Website development based October CMS
Your site as a sales tool, not only online business card

Websites, which grows with our business

A good website is about much more than page design and button styles, we think.

The primary task of the site - is to help the user to make a decision about buying product here or contact the company to know about services.

A quality site for IC Studio is:
- sales administration tool for the company;
- the face of your company online;
- a convenient tool for making a purchase for the user;
- a tool for making high-quality development decisions and sales analysis;
- a tool for scaling online sales and business development.

Why choose us?

Benefits of working with us

Yes, we are different

We are project advocates

When a client comes to us with the task of developing solutions that will ensure the growth of the company's online sales, we choose the best solution that will both close current tasks and take into account business growth prospects. You will not need to redo from scratch in a year what you did six months ago.

7+ years experience in development, 10 years - in online marketing and online sales.

We look at online sales in a complex way, as a result of the synergy of tools. This approach allows us to implement high-quality and viable solutions in the intended future and look for super results.

We sell painkillers, not vitamins

Our value at work is to build systems that work and make a profit, and make efficiency, and doesn't mimic of efficiency. The solutions we provide are painkillers, not just vitamins.

Questions and answers

October CMS is suitable for a wide range of projects, especially those that require custom design, complex functionality, and content management automation. 

Here are some of the types of projects for which October CMS is particularly well suited:

1. E-commerce websites.

October CMS offers a number of plugins that can be used to create powerful e-commerce sites with features such as product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment gateways. At IC Studio, we tend to minimize the use of template plugins, as they are usually not able to fully meet the needs of any custom project and need to be customized. Therefore, we write custom functionality for e-commerce projects, and this is justified both in terms of optimizing the development workload and the quality of the finished product.

2. Custom web applications.

October CMS has a high degree of customizability and flexibility in customization, which makes it an excellent choice for developers who need to create custom web applications that require unique functionality.

3. Business websites.

October CMS is ideal for companies that need a professional-looking website that is easy to manage and update. We can implement any logic of working with content on the backend and significantly reduce the load on the team working with the product.

4. Portfolio sites.

October CMS is also well suited for portfolio sites, allowing the company to showcase its work in a visually appealing way.

Despite the high level of features and software customization on October CMS, it is still not suitable for some types of projects. In such cases, we recommend using pure Laravel without October CMS.

1. Projects with specific technical requirements and a high level of functionality customization.

If a project requires a large number of special technical requirements that are not supported by October CMS, developers will sooner or later have to create a customized solution from scratch.

In this case, it is better to choose pure Laravel for development without using October CMS at the stage of writing the technical task for website development.

2. Websites with high traffic: Despite the scalability of October CMS, it may not be the best choice for high-traffic sites that require specialized hosting or caching.

3. Projects that require a large community.

October CMS community support is still growing, so projects that require a large community may not be a good fit for this CMS.

4. Simple websites: October CMS may be overkill for simple websites that don't require complex functionality or content management.

In conclusion, we can say that October CMS is a powerful and versatile CMS that is suitable for a wide range of projects. However, developers should carefully consider the specific needs of their project to determine if October CMS is the best fit.

We are official partners of October CMS, and we have implemented a sufficient number of complex and large-scale projects on October.

We are well versed in Laravel development, because we focus on it without blurring the focus.

We like to implement complex architectural projects and optimize business processes by developing effective software.

We always work according to the technical specification, so that even before the development stage begins, you understand exactly what the final product will look like.

We study your project and your business goals before offering a solution, cause it's the best way to find most relevant decision to your request. After the approval of the general concept, we develop detailed and human-understandable technical documentation. This step helps us to develop decision that will meet your expectations 100% in future. At the end of the development phase, we provide post-warranty service to keep abreast that everything is ok.

The cost and development time are related to the complexity of the functionality, and also correlate with your capabilities. Depending on the project, we can discuss a fixed cost and time and material. The main thing you should know about our pricing is that our prices are competitive and we strive to deliver a quality product over cost, and it's true. Contact us to tell us about your project and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Projects and cases

Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

What our clients say about us

Client's feedbacks

Boasting is not good, but very nice. Especially for a job well done.

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From acquaintance and delivery of the project to post-warranty service

How we work?

What are our next steps

Diagnostics and development of the Terms of Reference (TOR)

We describe in detail the architecture of the project, the structure and functionality of the future product, etc. The result of the TOR development stage is a 100% understanding of what kind of product we will get in the future.


We create prototypes of landing pages, visualize the user's way from A to Z. A well-designed website interface always positively affects the website conversion rate and helps in lead generation.

Designing from prototypes

Based on the agreed prototypes, the project is taken to the design development stage. The designer develops adaptive layouts taking into account UI/UX trends.

Functional development

The stage of direct development of the functional part of the site. Creating the admin panel, setting up entities, creating entity links, setting up external integrations. Implementation of frontend to backend connection.

Content management

Filling the site with content: text, images, video. We parallel this stage with the development stage in order to gain time. Content management can be carried out both on our side and on the side of the Customer's team.


We test the correctness of the functionality, modules and active elements. We test successful and incorrect scenarios of functionality work in order to eliminate possible errors. Preparing the site for release in production.

Internal optimization (SEO)

For clients who are interested in promoting themselves to the top of Google, we carry out internal optimization of the site, based on a preliminary analysis of competitors and coordination of SEO promotion goals.

Launch of your new site

Upon completion of the key stages of development, filling and testing the functionality, the site is published in the production version and begins its work. From that moment you can continue its development: fill it with new content, continue SEO, etc.

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