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Our client:

Our client is a pawnshop in Tallinn, Estonia. By the time we decided to collaborate on the development of the new website, we had already worked together for a long time on the development of a custom CRM system for the pawnshop, as well as on the marketing direction.
Therefore well understood the objectives and goals of the business.

The problems of the old site, which limited the growth of the company:

1. Slow site performance from inside and out.
2. The inability to upload photos of jewelry in good quality, as the site worked even slower.
3. Outdated CMS WordPress which limited the optimization and modifications of the site and was not suitable for working with the functions of an online store.
4. A severely outdated UX/UI that didn't reveal all the benefits to customers of this particular pawn shop and didn't lead the customer through the decision-making funnel.

The tasks we set ourselves at the start of development:

1. To improve the user experience of interaction with the site, and significantly improve the visual component, while retaining the original style of the site, as requested by the customer.
2. Accelerate the site's operation for both the end customer and the site administrator.
3. Increase the security of the resource.
4. Create an infrastructure that will form the basis for further functional improvements and integrations with CRM and other pawnshop software.

What was done:

1. Conducted a detailed analysis of the current site and created a content narrative structure that will guide the client through the decision funnel.
2. Developed detailed prototypes of the future site and thought through issues with the content (we helped bring the photo material to a consistent style and wrote lively human texts).
3. Developed adaptive UX/UI, while retaining the basis of the existing styling as the basis of the client's wishes.
4. Developed a detailed terms of reference describing the logic of the site, the administrative control panel.
5. Analyzed the purchase history of the pawnshop client base, and suggested implementing a bonus system which stimulated an increase in the average check.
6. Created custom control panel for the site based on October CMS 3.2 (Laravel 9), implementing all the customer's requests regarding the administration capabilities of the new website and implementing scripts for automating business processes in accordance with the requests of the current business logic of the company.
7. Accelerated the work of the site to the stage: "the new program just flies compared with the old" (from the words of the client and his staff).

What interesting functionality is implemented on this project:

1. Implemented on Laravel and October CMS:

Correct operation of multi-language functionality. When changing the language version of the site, the user remains on the same page where he was, and all the content is translated into the selected language.
On WordPress, when changing the language version of the site, the client would get to the home page and have to start all over again.

2. A progressive system of discounts for the clients of the store, which stimulates an increase in the average check.

The customer was considering introducing a savings discount system, but we did an analysis of sales over the past few years and found that it would most likely not work, as most pawnshop customers make a purchase once in a very long period of time.
Accordingly, it makes sense to work on increasing the average check here and now and motivate users to put more items in the cart.

3. We introduced a modern method of authorization and identification of the store customers via SMS (OTP password).

The old site didn't require authorization when ordering, and the client base didn't accumulate.
We suggested collecting data about customers in order to analyze them in the future and make managerial decisions about the sales strategy of the existing base, based on the accumulated data about customers and their interests.

4. We integrated new courier delivery services and new delivery methods (Omniva and Itella) to work not only with the local Estonian area, but also to expand the geography of store sales to Finland, Latvia and Lithuania in the future.

5. Custom logics of work with goods catalog.

In contrast to the usual online store, 99% of the goods pawnshop represented in a single copy. Nevertheless, it happens that the pawnshop sells several of the same items. We've implemented logic where by default the customer can't add more than 1 item unless there's more than 1 item in stock.

6. Optimized work with media content.

One of the most painful limitations of the old WordPress site was the inability to upload high-quality images to the site because it made it work even slower.
And having a picture where you can get a good look at the product is vital to selling jewelry.
In the new Laravel framework website the speed problem is over. The site pictures of good quality. The process of uploading them is as easy and fast as possible for the site administrator and does not take much time.

7. The ability to create different types of discounts.

Depending on the objectives and goals of the company, they can use as a bonus system, programmed in the online store by default, and activate the "total sale on everything", or apply promo codes for individual purchases.
The functionality is custom and clearly addresses the company's objectives for demand stimulation and marketing activities.

8. Developed a personal account for the store's customers with the basic functionality:
access to edit contact and delivery data, as well as access to order history.

Custom integrations with external services:
Twillio Verify API for Laravel
Holm bank (Liisi Payment) for Laravel
Modena Payment for Laravel
Esto Payment for Laravel
Itella delivery for Laravel
Omniva delivery for Laravel

Project team: 2 backend Laravel developers, web-designer, frontend-developer, project-manager, analytic, QA, copywriter, content-manager.

Technologies used

Google Analytics
Google Website Optimizer
Red Bull
Telegram API
Gitlab Runner

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