Laravel based e-mail service

Forget about limiting external mail servers and work with the client base at your own pace

Laravel based e-mail service
Laravel based e-mail service

Your own postal service will allow you to solve tasks such as:

1. Creation of mailing lists in unlimited quantity to any base of e-mail addresses. 2;
2. Tracking statistics of mailings efficiency (opening letters, clicking on the link);
3. No subscription fees for any size and frequency of mailings.

Questions and answers

E-mail newsletters are a great tool for maintaining contact with your target audience. With mass mailings, you can easily notify your customer base about new products, promotions and good deals, collect feedback on satisfaction levels, etc.
Unlike external email services, you control the process. One of the most common problems in companies with a large mailing base is regular account blocking due to "spam". And even with a quality base of warm contacts, no one is immune to getting caught in spam. Having your own server is about controlling the process and the result. No one will ban your newsletters for +1% spamming.
The analytics are built in two sections. The general dashboard will show statistics on all mailing campaigns and the dynamics of subscriber growth. And the internal report tab will provide a visual representation of the opening statistics for individual mailing campaigns.
Standard functionality is available by default in the basic implementation. This is subscriber and mailing list management and statistics analysis. Implementation of additional scenarios is possible on request, and has no limitations within the logic and capabilities.
The cost depends on the complexity of the functionality that needs to be implemented. As a rule, it's comparable to a six-month subscription to mass mailing services, i.e. it's an investment that will pay you back in just over six months. In this case, you do not have any restrictions on working with mailing lists databases, are insured against bans and suspensions of mailings, and therefore can work with their subscribers without restrictions.

Projects and cases

Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

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Identification of needs and goals of the project

Our task is to identify business needs, systematize requirements. We will carefully consider all your ideas and wishes.

Coordination and approval of the strategy

Agreed ideas and tasks take shape and form in the form of technical specifications and prototypes.

Service implementation

Fulfillment of the set tasks and goals

Postproduction support

Post-production guarantee and support

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