eCommerce software development

Custom eCommerce development is the first step to comprehensive automation of your business online and offline.

eCommerce software development
eCommerce software development

eCommerce development is not only the creation of an online store. This is a whole complex of solutions that allow you to implement a comprehensive process of business automation.

E-commerce software development - allows you to optimize and automate the lion's share of the company's processes as at the pre-sale stage, and during the sale and post-sale.

By implementing e-commerce automation tools, you create a growth point for your business, where it reaches a new level both in sales and in the quality of service provided.

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Automate your work so you can process orders in a few clicks. Create, edit, and update orders quickly and easily. Automate processing status notifications, track successful and unsuccessful transactions. Optimize processes to minimize risk.

Gather and analyze the customer base, create flexible and informative reporting on leads, transactions, orders and returns, and sales manager activity. Integrate dashboards, collect data for ABCXYZ analysis and RFM analysis. Improve the quality of management decision making by implementing eCommerce software for your company.

Custom eCommerce development also allows you to consider the interests of your marketing department and organize your work more efficiently.

Implementing the tools required for marketing work means saving resources on analytics system integration, as well as strengthening marketing reporting, understanding the marketing funnel, and increasing the efficiency of marketing budget utilization.

We create an architecture that will grow as your business grows. We use cloud technology and artificial intelligence to implement the most flexible and sustainable solutions.

Provide your customers with the ability to always see the current state of inventory, and managers - do not lose customers due to outdated data. Analyze user experience to make quality decisions on product and service optimization. Collect and process information faster to serve customers even better.


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Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

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From acquaintance and delivery of the project to post-warranty service

How we work?

What are our next steps

Analysis and development of the ToR

We dive into the study of your business processes, we study the interests and habits of your customers, we study the market and analyze competitors. Formulate the goals and concept of the future product. Choose the technology stack you want to use. We de


We create the interface of the future product, taking into account the interests of both end users (customers) and the team that will process orders, as well as sales and marketing analysis. We start this design phase with prototypes to create a seamless

Development of features and testing

Development of the software product according to the agreed terms of reference. Backend and frontend development. Integration of internal and external services. Testing the final product and preparing it for launch in production.

Launch and support

Launch the new product and help you to adapt to changes and reach the new level of business development.

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It's never too late to change your business for the better

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