Healthcare software development

Development and implementation of IT solutions for clinics and pharmacies - the basis for better quality of service and improved patient health.

Healthcare software development
Healthcare software development

Software development for medicine and healthcare

Software for the medical sector (healthcare) is primarily a high level of process automation, as well as quality storage and processing of patient data.
Software solutions for the medical sector help to transfer the lion's share of routine tasks to the automatic execution mode, significantly relieve the team and reduce the impact of human factor on the level of service.

Questions and answers

An online scheduling and cancellation of appointments, automation of notifications to patients about upcoming appointments or scheduled tests, treatment - for clinics. Keeping a medical history, storing information on appointments and examinations - ties the patient to the clinic.

A website or an application for ordering medications online, selection of analogues by composition, implementation of a loyalty system. Integration with warehousing and accounting.

Collecting data in our own system, rather than in third-party software, you can be confident in the security of their storage.

In addition, you'll be able to accumulate data of high quality, analyze it and better understand the effectiveness of internal processes, as well as the return on investment of external marketing activities.

Understanding your customer portrait, and behavioral factors, will enable you to personalize your offer and unique benefits, as well as implement a loyalty system.

Track their condition, requests and interests. Conduct online consultations. Keep a history of illnesses, examinations and treatments. Remind about the visit, monitor the patient's condition remotely, understand when to draw attention to the problem, to solve it easier, easier, safer for the patient's health.

As a rule, a key pool of clinic costs, always related to the human factor.

Most daily routine processes can be automated and move the business to a new level of productivity.

By automating some of the routines, you reduce the impact of the human factor to a minimum. And you relieve your staff of routine tasks, freeing up their time and attention for more meaningful tasks.


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Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

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Analysis and development of the ToR

We dive into the study of your business processes, we study the interests and habits of your customers, we study the market and analyze competitors. Formulate the goals and concept of the future product. Choose the technology stack you want to use. We de


We create the interface of the future product, taking into account the interests of both end users (customers) and the team that will process orders, as well as sales and marketing analysis. We start this design phase with prototypes to create a seamless

Development of features and testing

Development of the software product according to the agreed terms of reference. Backend and frontend development. Integration of internal and external services. Testing the final product and preparing it for launch in production.

Launch and support

Launch the new product and help you to adapt to changes and reach the new level of business development.

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