Customer portal developing

A Client area is a way to provide your customers, partners or employees with a flexible and personalized service.

Customer portal developing
Customer portal developing
Customer area development

A well-designed Customed portal is a tool for increasing the engagement of the audience that works with you, as well as a way to collect valuable information for business development.

What kind of companies need to develop a Customer portal?

- e-commerce projects (online store, marketplace);
- companies that provide services;
- B2B sector and companies with a well-developed dealer network;
- customer area for the company's employees.

Customer portal is an option that is equally useful and valuable for both the end client (the user of the site or service), and for the owner of the company.

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4+ years developing custom software for specific industries

We work with such industries as: communication and telecommunications, transport services, health and recreation, chain retail.

We have experience in developing complex custom software from scratch

We have experience in developing CRM and ERP systems, billing systems, complex integrations and automation. And we understand well which solutions help business to grow

We guarantee that the developed software will solve the problems of your business

We study business processes and develop technical specifications before proceeding to product design. Therefore, you will understand in advance what product you will get at the output.

We develop a convenient product for both the owner and end users

We believe that the quality of the product is measured by the simplicity of its operation for all groups of end users.

We develop software solutions that will satisfy your needs for years to come

We design the product architecture taking into account short-, medium- and long-term business goals.

We provide after-sales support and train the team to work with the software

Upon completion of the development stage, we allocate time for thorough training of the team, as well as technical support on technical issues.

Questions and answers

Customer portal  - a special section on the site, or off the site of the company, available to the end user after authorization in it with username and password. For the user personal account - is a convenient way to see the personalized information, such as: the history of orders and the status of their performance, delivery addresses, personal data, bonus program or available discounts and promotional codes, etc.

For the owner and seller, having a personal account on the site is not only an opportunity to improve interaction with the user, but also to collect information on the behavior of customers, their interests and decision-making criteria. And as the data accumulates, use it to promote the product and increase sales.

With a personal account for the users of your B2B marketplace you are able to communicate with your partners in a much more effective and easy way, to record agreements, logistic arrangements, etc.

Among other things, you can give your partners / dealers / suppliers access to different information and functionality of your personal cabinet, depending on the level of each, respectively.

Service companies will greatly improve the user experience with their company by developing a personal account for their customers.
Where they'll be able to track the history of service orders, have access to private reports and personal functionality. They will also be able to keep track of promotions and loyalty programs for regular clients.

It's a great way to increase the effectiveness of the team, providing access to the private information resources, reports, training. Creating a competent infrastructure of a Customer portal for employees, the company creates a good basis for transforming this system into an ERP-system or task-manager in the future.

A customer portal on an e-commerce site is a simple and effective way to improve interaction with the customer.

In the customed portal a customer can place orders and choose a convenient method of delivery and payment, as well as cancel the order if necessary.
In addition to order management and tracking, in my personal cabinet the customer can see the history of accumulated bonuses or received discounts/promo-codes, manage his/her data (delivery addresses, payment methods, information about the contact persons on the recipient's side).

Also, in a personal cabinet users can create and store lists of wish-lists, see personalized offers, etc.

Seller, on the other hand, using data from analytics of user behavior in personal cabinet, can make decisions on improvement of promotion and sales strategy.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine an online store without a personal cabinet.

Contact us to get an expert consultation on your project and find out how our expertise in software development can be useful for your business.

The cost and timing of the development of a personal account is related to the complexity of the future infrastructure and scale of the project. On average, the development of a personal account for the online store takes about 2 weeks to implement a standard functionality, and more in the case of the implementation of advanced functionality with the specifics of the company.

To find out the approximate budget for creating a personal account, leave an application on our site and get a consultation from a specialist.

1. The module of authorization in the Personal Cabinet.

Authorization in the personal cabinet may take into account different methods of logging in: login and password, authorization through Google or Facebook, authorization by phone number. From our point of view, authorization by phone number through SMS (OTP-password) is the most convenient and easiest way nowadays, as well as the fastest one.

Order and purchase history.

The history of your interactions with the company. Executed orders, cancelled orders, "abandoned" baskets.

Lists of goods you have liked and things you have put aside for the future.

All this not only greatly improves the usability of your product, but also gives you information about the customer behavior and allows you to improve interaction with your users.

3. Support chat.

It's much more convenient for customers if there's an option to contact a manager in your personal cabinet to clarify questions. A correspondence history is also useful for both the client and the company. You can track which inquiries clients have most often and use this information to improve the quality of service and user interaction.

4. Document management automation.

More related to interaction with partners and dealers, and helps simplify document flow between your companies by reducing the number of paper documents and introducing paperless document flow.

We are experienced IT builders who look years ahead and create the foundation for scaling the business in the future, even while developing MVP.

Working with us, you will be able to

- easily develop and refine the product;
- you will have good technical support;
- will have high quality code and technical stability of the developed software;
- you will have the rights to the developed software.


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Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

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How we work?

What are our next steps

Business analysis and drawing up a software development plan

Analysis of the current situation and business processes of the company. Analysis of the company's current IT infrastructure. Analysis of competitors.

Developing terms of reference (TOR)

A detailed description of the architecture of the project, the structure and functionality of the future product, a detailed description of future integrations, etc. The result of TOR development phase is a 100% understanding of what kind of product we wi

Prototypes and architecture development

We create prototypes of landing pages, visualize user path from A to Z. During the prototyping phase we think through all possible scenarios and visualize the product architecture.

Design development according to agreed prototypes

The designer develops adaptive layouts with UI/UX trends in mind. The finished product will be convenient for both the owner and the team.

Software development

Front-end and back-end development. Drawing up technical documentation for further work with the project in the future.

Software product testing

Testing of the correctness of the functionality and active elements. Working out successful and error scenarios of functionality to eliminate possible errors.

Training your team to work with the new software

Recording video tutorials, which will remain in your knowledge base, as well as online training for your team.

Launch of the new software

Launch of the new software and product support On call for any questions within our TOR for 1 month after the launch.

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Why does a business need to develop a  customer portal?

1. The owner gets the opportunity to collect user data.

2. The marketing department gets the opportunity to analyze the data and interpret it to improve marketing strategy.

3. The sales department gets a new channel of communication with customers.

4. Users, customers, partners of the company get a possibility to communicate with the company more conveniently and to make purchases or be served more easily.

What companies need a customer portal?

- internet-shops;

- marketplaces;

- Hotels and hotels, boarding houses and camps;

- private clinics and other medical institutions;

- banks and financial institutions;

- real estate agencies;

- pharmacies;

- advertising and digital agencies;

- logistics companies;

- Internet service providers;

- telecommunication service providers;

- government agencies;

- companies that provide services.

The key functions of a customer area, for the sake of which a company most often creates a personal account for its clients:

- Tracking the history and status of orders;

- management of user data;

- implementation of paperless document management;

- payment for services (top-up) or suspension of services;

- systematization of technical support work;

- providing access to confidential personalized information;

- tracking of services fulfillment status;

- tracking the history of service in the company.

What kind of projects need to develop a personal account?

E-commerce projects.

A buyer's personal area in an online store will give users the ability to track order fulfillment status, cancel the order if necessary, ask questions about the order, change their user data.
Customer area of the seller in the Marketplace will give the opportunity to see their sales and earnings on the site, manage the assortment and contact with both the buyer and with the support of the site.
The personal portal of marketplace owner will allow you to see the sellers' rating, see the history of sales and payments to sellers, provide technical support to sellers and final customers, accumulate and process information useful for development of the marketplace, etc.

Portals of public services.

Utilities can organize access to personal information for payers.
The public sector organizes interaction with local authorities and can also arrange access to public information for citizens.

Internet service providers.

A Personal area for the Internet service provider is an opportunity for the subscriber to track the dynamics of services, refill the balance, suspend services, order new services, create bills and statements, as well as have a more convenient personalized contact with the technical support of the provider.

Telephony providers (mobile, IP telephony, etc.).

 As well as Internet service providers, provide their subscribers with the ability to track service performance status, active balance, the ability to order additional services, and access to public and personalized information.

Medical institutions and private clinics.

By creating a personal area for their patients, not only greatly improve the user experience of interaction, but also tie the patient more to their institution if they provide the opportunity to accumulate information about the progress of treatment and medical history and examinations performed.

A personal portal for the education sector.

Is an area for interacting with the audience and conducting online training. Here you can conduct online training, or download a recorded course. As well as provide your students with the opportunity to contact the teacher and track the dynamics of progress in training.

Personal portal for logistics companies.

A convenient interface for organizing freight and private transportation, as well as the integration of maps and GPS, and integration with gas stations, accounting software, etc. What is much easier for managers and reduces the percentage of errors due to human error or low-level optimization of processes.

Who to entrust the development of a personal portal?

IC Studio development team has been developing custom software of any complexity since 2019. As experienced IT-builders, we carefully diagnose business challenges in order to choose the best way to solve them.

Contact us for a consultation on developing a personal account for your customers, suppliers, or for internal use, and we will be happy to advise you on matters of interest, as well as tell you about different options available to solve the problem.

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