The result in the short distance - 33% of the keys in the top 10 from the moment of indexing the new site by Google.










In this case there is no "before" story.

But there is a story "in the process" of implementing the complex of works: the development of a corporate site and its internal optimization.

Since we in IC Studio are used to being result oriented (namely, what will lead to an increase in sales in the future),

Was proposed to implement the work on internal optimization at the stage of development.

Since the site was created on a new platform, had significant differences with the previous site structure and content load, it was necessary

to approach the task with maximum respect, which we did :)

To ensure the most positive results as a result of internal optimization, we conducted an extensive audit of the competitive environment (package "advanced"),

analyzed in detail the existing demand for services in the client's topic.

As a result of the detailed analysis, formed a semantic core, and implemented a series of works that were necessary for the quality of the site indexed by the search engine Google

at the time of sending it into production.

Search traffic is one of the key channels for attracting customers and its volume is comparable to the volume of traffic in PPC.

It has a greater depth of view, and a lower bounce rate. Which is very good.

Internal optimization at the development stage is a way to save both time and money for the company to promote and get the first stable results in attracting customers online.

Client feedback

Technologies used

Google Analytics
Google Data Studio
Google Search Console
Screaming Frog
Google Website Optimizer

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