Search engine reputation managment (SERM)

Removing negativity from the Internet (SERM) is a set of measures aimed at managing the business reputation of a company or target audience, with a positive image consolidate

Search engine reputation managment (SERM)
Search engine reputation managment (SERM)
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Reputation marketing is a great way to connect with your target audience and take trust. Most people actively spread negative experiences rather than spreading positive ones. Just think how often you go online to leave positive feedback about working with someone?

To manage your company reputation in Google we use a set of measures: discarding negative search results and replacing them with positive results, monitoring search results. We remove negative information, if possible, that affects search suggestions, etc. The optimal strategy and tactics are agreed individually for each individual case.

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Перші позитивні ефекти спостерігаються вже за 2-3 тижні виконання робіт.


Просуваємо хороше, витісняємо погане.

Підвищення репутації

Ваша репутація у пошукових системах під контролем.


Гарантія на виконані роботи протягом шести місяців у разі відсутності зовнішніх атак.

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Questions and answers

The result is the quality of the search results for the query we are interested in, without any negative impact that may affect the decision to trust in the direction of your company or you personally.
We use long-term effect technologies. If there are no new attacks, the output of the TOP-10 will be positive for a long time
No, such guarantee cannot be provided. But we will remove them deeper in the search engine results.
It is based on the analysis of existing reputational risks and sources of negativity. After the audit, we understand which way to achieve the goal will be optimal in each individual case. Contact us to discuss your issue, and we will do our best to purpose you the best way
Where it is possible and really necessary - yes. But you need to understand that not all negatives reviews need to be deleted, some of them may simply require a prompt response to them
Yes. we practice to work with private persons
Yes, we call it silent mode. In this context, we do not create additional resources to crowd out negative search results, but work with the promotion of positive reviews already available on the network.
The terms and milestones directly depend on the project and what we have "at the point A". We evaluate the tonality of search results in different regions, set up screening of search queries and search results. We form a work plan with external sites and internal resources of the company. If necessary, we create additional platforms for the implementation of search marketing work.
Of course, we can. Having resources within the company to implement the strategy would be a plus for both us. Everyone knows the power of synergy, where 1 + 1 = 11.

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Each of our works is a unique project in terms of functionality and requirements, consisting of hundreds or thousands of functions.

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Our task is to identify business needs, systematize requirements. We will carefully consider all your ideas and wishes.

Coordination and approval of the strategy

Agreed ideas and tasks take shape and form in the form of technical specifications and prototypes.

Service implementation

Fulfillment of the set tasks and goals

Postproduction support

Post-production guarantee and support

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