How much does it cost to develop your own CRM system


CRM is a tool without which it would be difficult for any company to work with clients. 
CRM allows the company to properly plan the load on the sales department and measure the effectiveness of the department and individual sales managers. CRM allows you to easily work with tasks, not to lose them, to store the history of communication with customers, thereby improving both the quality of service, improve sales and after-sales service scripts.

In addition to the sales department, CRM also greatly helps the marketing department because the data which are collected on the customer database in CRM helps to collect more data about customer segments and improve marketing strategy to attract customers and improve CJM (customer journey map).

The benefits of using a CRM system in your work is much more than it seems. CRM for companies is the first step to systematic sales, to understanding of their performance and to understanding what works and what doesn't. It remains to find out how much it costs to develop a CRM for business.


The advantages of developing your own CRM for business.


At first glance, it may seem to the business owner that there is little point in developing his own CRM system, when the market is filled with a huge number of products available by subscription. And, so to speak, why pay more? Let's get to the bottom of it. Cloud CRM and boxed CRMs can cost anywhere from $15-20 to $5000-7000 per month, depending on the size of the company and the number of users, as well as the functionality the company needs. In addition, as a rule, no CRM-system of wide use can not perfectly solve the problems of a particular business, because designed to close the general request. And therefore will not satisfy you in terms of customization and will regularly require additional functionality, for which you will definitely pay, because salespersons are already used to working in this CRM, it has accumulated some data and, in general, the question of changing the CRM or finding an alternative causes a slight feeling of stress.

The main advantage of developing your own CRM-system - is the ability to create a tool that solves the problems of your business, takes into account the characteristics of all your business processes and does not contain anything extraneous. 

The cost of developing your own CRM may be more expensive at the initial stages than the activation of a ready-made subscription solution, but only at the initial stage. In the end, it pays off very quickly, and in the medium to long term own CRM will cost the business significantly less, while solving business problems better than a non- customized CRM.

The key advantages of developing your own CRM for business:                 

- development of any necessary business functionality;
- user-friendly interface, due to the fact that there is no extra functionality, not adapted to the objectives of your business;
- ability to expand functionality and no limits on the functionality that can be implemented;
- ability to introduce any automated scripts to optimize the company's business processes;
- high security level.

Creating your own CRM-system is suitable for both small and large businesses.
You can always try to work with boxed and cloud CRM for a couple of years, and realize that it's expensive and not as convenient as you would like, and after some time back to the idea of developing your own CRM. Or you can not waste time and resources, and immediately create a solution that allows your business to grow faster multiples. How much can it cost to develop a CRM system and what does the cost of creating your own CRM depend on.


The key factors that affect the cost of developing your own CRM:

- the complexity or simplicity of the company's business processes;
- the number and complexity of process automation scenarios;
- number of integrations with external services;
- how many departments and employees will work in a CRM-system;
- the depth of process understanding and clarity of TOR, and as a result the number of potential revisions and enhancements after the MVP.

To find out exactly how much it will cost to develop custom CRM for your business, it is better to ask for advice, because the cost can vary considerably, depending on the complexity or relative simplicity of the project.


At what cost CRM development should be guided?


It is quite difficult to calculate the exact cost of the CRM development for your  company, especially without a technical task. However, you can calculate the approximate budget and development time by consulting with a manager.
For the development of CRM you need on average 2-3 programmers, a designer, a tester, and a project manager who will write the terms of reference and set up the interaction within the team and with the client, so that the development process went smoothly and at the end we got a quality product that will be a catalyst for the growth of your business.

Timing, depending on the complexity of the system can be either 1-2 months or 3-4 months. For complex systems we can also plan the development so as to begin to pass the full functionality ready for use, in the work of your managers in stages. Total, on average the development of their own CRM system is worth from $ 100,000, and these investments pay off the company is usually the first six months of work with the system. More precise advice on the cost and timing of the development is better to get for a consultation with our experts.


Where to order the development of custom CRM system?


IC Studio specializes in custom software development, and has been helping online businesses grow since 2019 by implementing custom CRM and ERP systems, creating custom websites with more automated order processing scripts.
We are happy to audit your current business processes and discuss the best solution, tailored to your company's goals. Call us or leave a request to find out how much it costs to develop your own CRM- system and how quickly you can develop and implement a CRM for your company.

Additional resources to implement and support your own CRM-system. 

In addition to the investment in the CRM-system development it is worth bearing in mind that additional costs will be needed for the implementation and technical support.
In some cases, the development of new software for the company may require the updating of equipment or expansion of the server infrastructure.
In addition, it is worth noting that any software requires updating every six months to a year, so it works well and keeps the original level of productivity.
After the full implementation of the finished CRM in the work, we also provide technical support. And if you need and want to refine the new functionality, we will be happy to develop it for you, and affect the increase of your company's productivity.

Read more about development of CRM for the sales department in our blog, or take a consultation about how much does it cost to develop your own custom CRM-system.

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