Web solution development on Laravel

A versatile platform for fast and efficient development of highly scalable web applications, websites and ERP systems.

Why we love Laravel

Laravel's PHP framework is ideal for developing any platform or web application and has powerful features.

  • Fast development results;

  • Suitable for large and complex projects;

  • Saves development time and costs;

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. The Laravel platform thrives on the extremely dynamic support of the developer community and is now considered the most popular PHP framework in the world.

Laravel is based on more than 20 different libraries and is itself divided into several separate modules. The framework has adopted modern PHP principles that allow professionals to develop modular, responsive and user-friendly web applications.

What kind of projects can be made in Laravel?

The Laravel framework is made with a fairly flexible structure and is good for developing both simple projects and complex projects with non-standard features.

Laravel is an ideal choice for a variety of purposes:

Thanks to its extensive capabilities, Laravel framework allows you to create a multi-tiered structure of the future web application, build caching and RESTful routing. Laravel is one of the first frameworks that started working with the PSR-4 standard. This helps to make the structure of the future project tailored to all customer needs.

What are the benefits of Laravel?

Our developers use Laravel to make even the most ambitious web applications simple, optimised and, most importantly, possible. For custom web development from scratch, we use Laravel because it's a rapid development platform trusted by the world's biggest brands that speeds up the development process from scratch - reducing the time and cost required to complete the project, without compromising the end result.

Here are the reasons why we recommend developing web applications in Laravel:

  • Security. Probably one of the most important reasons for choosing the Laravel framework is security. It offers a high level of security settings that are not available in any other framework. The platform blocks malware activity and protects website data and code from any hacker attacks.

  • Scalability. The ability to continuously develop and extend the functions of projects of any complexity.

  • High performance. Caching tools reduce the time it takes to access information, thereby speeding up page load times.

  • Structures of different levels of complexity. Easily create a multi-tiered architecture tailored to the requirements of the web solution.

  • The framework allows high-end applications to be developed in a short time. In addition, the framework library already contains many ready-made modules that simplify and accelerate development.

  • Maintenance of different versions of the website. A test version of the project can be used to test changes made without making changes to the main version. This helps to improve the resource without inconveniencing users.

  • Updates. New versions of the framework are regularly released for updates, which has a positive impact on the security and data protection of  web solutions.

Building web solutions in Laravel

Laravel allows you to quickly build new web applications from scratch, while not limiting developers to tools to solve various complexities.

But development experience isn't enough to create a good website. Marketers, designers and analysts will also be needed. 

A team of specialists analyses the market for the future project, carries out the terms of reference, writes the code, creates a unique design, tests each element, and launches and maintains the resource.

Website development is always done in stages:

  1. Analysis of the project's niche. Market, target audience and product are analysed. A marketing strategy for the launch of the product on the market is drawn up. On this basis the tasks and objectives of the project are formed.

  2. Goals and objectives. After analyzing customer needs and market analysis, set goals for the future resource, analyzing its features and necessary functions.

  3. Writing terms of reference. Based on the goals and objectives of the project is written a detailed TOR with a description of all the functions and prototypes of the future web resource. After which the terms are evaluated by technical experts and agreed with the customer.

  4. Creation of the architecture. At this stage a hierarchical architecture of the future project is built, taking into account future scaling, from the main to the secondary, starting from the most important elements

  5. Creation of a unique design. Web-resource design is developed according to the approved prototypes and takes into account all the UX/UI and functional requirements.

  6. Development (code writing). Technical experts give life to a new project. The layout of the project and all necessary functions are developed, and integrations with third-party services are configured. At this stage, the client can "feel" his project on the test server.

  7. Filling of the resource. After the finishing touches to the development, the web resource is filled with content - text, photos, videos, etc.

  8. Testing. Comprehensive testing of all elements of the project and, if necessary, bugfixes. And the project is launched on the main server.

  9. Technical support. Technical support for the project experts.

Functional service requirements change over time. A project grows, improves and needs quality web solutions that meet all customer and user needs. This is why it is right to consider further scalability of the project at the beginning of its development.

With a scaling plan, you won't need a significant investment to add new tools or improve your resource. And we at IC Studio know how to create a unique and effective resource with limitless potential!

Laravel website development at IC Studio

At IC Studio we create unique web-solutions of any complexity. 
The superpower of our team is that we don't scatter attention on numerous technologies, but carefully polish our skills in one - Laravel development, bringing it to perfection on all levels.

We develop personal and corporate projects and take an individual approach to each customer.
To create the highest quality product we dive deeply into each project we undertake and take into account various factors that will affect the result: the peculiarities of the company internally, and business processes that need to be optimized to achieve their goals, as well as features of the external environment, which is worth keeping in mind to create the most viable solution.

Creation of modern web-applications and sites with wide functionality on Laravel framework is one of the key specializations of our team.
During our work on the IT market we've launched several dozens of unique projects with complex multi-tier architecture, non-standard solutions and functionality, that help businesses grow and optimize their workload.

To learn more about our experience and skills than what's shown on the website, just contact us in a way that's convenient for you and we'll be happy to show you more examples of relevant Laravel development work.
The extensive experience of our programmers and project managers allows us to solve non-standard tasks and challenges in a short time, ensuring flawless results for clients.

If you need a corporate website, a profitable online shop or a complex ERP-system developed on Laravel framework - order Laravel development at IC Studio, because we know everything about Laravel development!

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